Chief Vodicka presented a letter of appreciation to Silver Award recipients of Girl Scout Troop 50674 at a recent City Council Meeting.  The Scouts were recognized for creating and distributing comfort dolls to local police departments. These small, plush dolls are used to help calm children during traumatic events and criminal investigations.

Over one hundred of these dolls were created and distributed by these members. “When small children are victimized by someone they care for and trust, it is often difficult for investigators to obtain the information that is needed for a successful prosecution of the offender.  Dolls, such as those created by these Scouts, help to ease the fears of the victims and break down barriers which become obstacles during major criminal investigations” Vodicka said.

“Anytime a member of the public, or a member of a well-established organization, such as the Girl Scouts of America, assist law enforcement in their efforts to better serve the residents of the community, it is truly appreciated”.

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